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How to Accelerate Software Delivery for Oracle EBS Applications

Oracle EBS is a popular solution that helps organizations manage critical information that is intrinsic to a business. When keeping up with the pace of an evolving business, Oracle EBS can be notoriously difficult to manage.

For instance, a company may have customized its deployment with thousands of deeply-rooted modifications. However, certain techniques and tools can make Oracle’s E-Business Suite more supportive in addressing a business’s demands.

Challenges of Working with Oracle EBS

Oracle EBS has several complexities that make it hard for enterprises to manage. One of the main issues is that companies often have inflexible architectures due to intensely ingrained customizations. The entire system may rely on code specific to the organization, making it difficult to adapt quickly.

Another challenge of working with Oracle EBS is the use of manual processes in tracking and auditing for regulatory compliance. For example, an organization tracking information in a spreadsheet would waste time when preparing for an audit. You can’t quickly identify the events associated with EBS customizations, service management, and the rest of the toolchain.

In addition, companies using Oracle EBS often struggle with ineffective team collaboration. Too often, communication isn’t part of the release process. Failures don’t get shared, so they don’t get fixed. Communication problems can occur among developers and testers as well as with external partners.

The many challenges of working with Oracle EBS make it important to invest in development tools. The right tool can handle the complexity of using multiple programming languages and environments. A platform like FlexDeploy is a force multiplier that lets your team handle testing and production even when resources are constrained.

Benefits of Using FlexDeploy

Flexagon’s FlexDeploy can solve many problems EBS customers face. In fact, FlexDeploy is the only DevOps solution that can address the complexity of Oracle EBS, particularly for users who are modernizing their enterprise applications. The software includes full capabilities for continuous integration, automation, and delivery out of the box—no additional tools are required.

Automation is key to improving speed, quality, and overall operational efficiency. FlexDeploy has a completely automatic process for deployment that helps you eliminate slow and inaccurate manual processes. You can also easily integrate the software with other tools, as it doesn’t require any costly custom procedures or code.

To simplify your use of FlexDeploy, the platform has more than a hundred plugins and integrations for third-party software including Oracle Cloud, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle APEX, and Developer Tools. In addition, it equally supports many popular open and commercial tools you may already use. For the difficulties commonly seen in managing Oracle EBS, FlexDeploy is the clear solution.

The total effect of using FlexDeploy is a lower cost and reduced risk of the software lifecycle. It also makes life easier for DevOps teams. The tool automatically handles laborious tasks that people would otherwise have to do, such as finding all the customization files from source control. It also works with developers’ favorite tools like Git and Jira.

Another advantage of using FlexDeploy is to reduce risks pertaining to security and compliance. Governance is incorporated into your release pipelines, which simplifies adherence to policies. You can instantly see any part of the pipeline with lineage back to source control and the toolchain. This solution speeds up your ability to measure and improve business outcomes.

Because organizations usually have a lot of deep-seated customizations, there’s a huge benefit in having software like FlexDeploy automating the transfer of those customizations. If you have to default to manual processes, the complexity of Oracle EBS will make transfers extremely cumbersome. FlexDeploy offers many compelling benefits, as Heathrow Airport found, “We have full automation with the click of a button or on a schedule. This not only empowers users but saves Heathrow money.”

Benefits of Using FlexDeploy
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Features of FlexDeploy for Oracle EBS

FlexDeploy includes unique features that can help your team develop and deliver EBS applications. These features have been developed by Flexagon’s experts, who have intimate knowledge of Oracle EBS and its challenges.

One of the core features of FlexDeploy is fully automated migration for your customizations. This handles the serious challenge of manually migrating the many customizations that are typical of Oracle EBS applications. Competitors only use a package-based approach, which is NOT fully automated.

FlexDeploy also fully automates the process of deploying applications to your EBS environments. This helps developers and administrators minimize the number of slow manual tasks that risk careless mistakes. The program handles the complexities, and you can easily see logs of each automated procedure.

The software also handles server management with plugin operations for OACore and Web Tier, among others. If cloning removes changes from an environment, FlexDeploy can automatically reapply the changes. The tool also detects changes and supports revisions at the file level. The plugins and integrations, numbering well over a hundred, make it a straightforward way to accomplish your team’s goals.

All FlexDeploy features support continuous integration and continuous delivery. As a result, it’s now practical to use DevSecOps approaches with Oracle EBS. Automatically build, test, and deploy your applications to increase speed and accuracy while lowering costs.

Manage Oracle EBS Applications the Smart Way with Flexagon

Organizations using Oracle EBS to develop and deliver applications have to contend with the challenges of manual tasks. Oracle does not offer a comprehensive DevOps solution that works for all products and the entire Oracle ecosystem. For this, you must turn to Flexagon and its FlexDeploy tool.

The FlexDeploy platform is the powerful tool Oracle EBS users need. It automates tasks to increase your operational efficiency and provides speed and consistency. You’ll also have more delivery visibility since the tool shows you what’s happening at each step.

For instance, Australia’s Queensland Government struggled with excessive time and errors due to manual processes. Using Flexagon’s solution, the Queensland Government cut down on time and errors: “We reduced a full day’s effort to 30 minutes without any errors by using FlexDeploy.”

FlexDeploy is the only solution to address the complexity of Oracle EBS, making it much easier to navigate. If you’re struggling with Oracle E-Business Suite or migrating to Oracle Cloud, it’s a good time to automate with an end-to-end DevOps Platform.

Having numerous customizations can make it difficult to adapt, especially when migrating to the cloud. Flexagon assists with cloud migration as well as the other difficulties in evolving your EBS deployment. Schedule a demo to get started with Flexagon for Oracle EBS.

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