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Better Container CI/CD with FlexDeploy

Better container CI/CD is here. FlexDeploy has extensive support for containers, including:

Regardless of the container deployment pattern you follow, FlexDeploy has something for you.

Image Scanning

Image Scanning is essential for producing high quality images without vulnerabilities. For this reason, FlexDeploy has plugins for Anchore and Docker Bench. As seen below, Anchore can also be configured directly on the Project.

Image Scanning section in Projects tab

When configured on the Project, the scan occurs inline, which means no Anchore installation is needed!

Container Deployment

Deploying containers is now simpler than ever. Like image scanning, deploying containers can be handled directly on the Project.

Container CD Settings in Projects Tab

Checking the Run Container option automatically deploys a container during the deploy workflow. In addition, any existing container from the previous deployment will be removed.

Container Monitoring


When deploying Kubernetes applications FlexDeploy will monitor the status of the deployment and provide a link to the application. However, a local kubectl client is needed on the FlexDeploy server.

Kubernetes Monitoring


Likewise, when deploying Docker containers FlexDeploy will display a link to the container. When viewing the link you start and stop the container in addition to viewing the container logs.

Docker Monitoring

Check out the official documentation as well as a Getting Started guide for more in depth examples of better Container CI/CD with FlexDeploy.

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