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FlexDeploy – Don’t let the Triple Dot Fool You

Flexagon has released fixpack,! It includes enhancements and bug fixes for FlexDeploy, our DevOps platform for continuous delivery and release automation. Here are some highlights!

Cloud – Cloud in general is a big investment area for Flexagon and supports the enablement of multi-cloud strategies such as Amazon, Azure, Google, and Oracle. This fixpack includes two new plugins for cloud platform services focused on API Management.

  • Oracle API Platform – used for managing APIs, making it easy to export APIs from the development environment and import them into other environments. This reduces the potential for human error and allows the user to leverage FlexDeploy’s release orchestration features such as approvals, scheduling, automated testing and visibility via dashboards and reports.
  • Google Apigee – used for deploying an Apigee API proxy or shared flow using the Maven Apigee deploy plugin. This makes it easy to manage the deployment across environments and reduces the potential for human error. Using the Apigee plugin also allows the user to leverage FlexDeploy’s release orchestration features such as approvals, scheduling, automated testing and visibility via dashboards and reports.

Oracle E-Business Suite – The FlexDeploy support for EBS is robust and we continue enhancing support for this popular ERP.

  • For partial deployment projects, an enhancement is included to allow a deploy plugin operation to skip files from execution using object types. This is useful to perform deployment of specific object types on specific endpoints.
  • A new FlexDeploy for E-Business Suite video is available which covers our support for Releases and Pipelines.

Business Intelligence and Data Integration – Many customers are realizing the value of FlexDeploy’s support for Business Intelligence and Data Integration, including the plugins for OBIEE, ODI, and Informatica. This fixpack includes some changes/enhancements to the ODI plugin which simplifies and streamlines the overall deployment process. More specifically, we added the ability to deploy scenarios under scenario folders and support for ODI 12c mappings.

Oracle Database and APEX – DevOps for databases has gotten a lot of attention lately!  FlexDeploy includes powerful Oracle Database schema management features which makes the lives of DBA’s better, and a plugin for Oracle APEX to streamline the CI/CD process for APEX based development. In this fixpack, we continue to extend the support for APEX by allowing the setup of source environment for the deploy operation.

General Enhancements – We continue to invest in areas such as Usability, Performance, Tutorials, and general platform support. Here are a few examples included in this fixpack.

  • REST API enhancements for Release Snapshots and Workflows – provides additional flexibility to drive FlexDeploy from external clients.
  • As you might know, FlexDeploy Loves Containers.  Docker images for FlexDeploy are delivered with all releases, so check them out here!

For more details, please review the release notes.

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