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DevOps to the Cloud Best Practices

DevOps Best Practices for Oracle Cloud Migration

It’s now common for enterprises to move software to the cloud as part of their digital transformation. Upgrading from traditional,…

Oracle Integration Cloud Partial Deployments with FlexDeploy

FlexDeploy’s long-time support for DevOps for Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is very popular with our customers. Previously, each integration required…

Airplane parked at airport

Quicker, Slicker, and More Reliable with FlexDeploy

In 2020, Heathrow commenced a business and technology transformation which included a move to the cloud. Among other changes, this…

Manage Oracle Fusion Application Scoped Setups with FlexDeploy

Oracle’s Functional Setup Manager (FSM) UI provides export/import capabilities to move setups and other configurations from one environment to another,…

IT team happy with results on computer

Automate CPQ Migration Packages with FlexDeploy

Migration packages are a handy feature on the Oracle CPQ Cloud to move administrative data and metadata between environments. At…

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CI/CD for Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service Applications

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) is a cloud-based development platform that provides various features to develop and deploy applications…

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