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Topic: Cloud-Native Applications and Serverless Architecture

DevOps for Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud

DevOps for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud

Learn how Cloud and Oracle EBS can not only “play nicely,” but how Oracle Cloud can complement and advance your…

Deploy a Node.js Application to Azure Web App using FlexDeploy

Azure App Service is an HTTP-based service for hosting web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends. This is a…

Deploy a Python Docker Image to Azure Web App Using FlexDeploy

Our industry is going through a transition where on-premises applications are gradually being replaced by cloud applications and containers. Containers…

Deploy a .NET Application to Azure Function App using FlexDeploy

Azure Function App is a serverless solution that allows you to execute small, event-driven, pieces of code without worrying about…

Microservices and Containers webinar

Webinar Review: Merry Microservices and Happy Containers to All!

Every business is competing in an environment that is constantly changing. To keep up with the increasing customer demands for…

7 Benefits of Microservices Architecture

The popularity of microservices, or microservices architecture, is growing rapidly. The global cloud microservices market is forecasted to grow to…

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