The Future of DevOps by Forrester®

A Transformative Global Movement Enters Maturity

DevOps - From Pilot to Operating Model.

In the report "The Future of DevOps", Forrester discusses how DevOps has moved on from a grouping of operating principles, to the default approach for most software focused organizations.

The 2022 Forrester report highlighted these three big-picture changes that will lead the future developments in DevOps:

  • People will be organized around outcomes
  • Practices will overtake processes, which will automate even more deeply
  • Platforms will consolidate, extend, and deepen

As DevOps teams move towards the future, automated and repeatable processes are needed to lead the way for organizations to focus on value streams and deployment speed.  To achieve this level of optimization, the technology around DevOps needs to consolidate, extend and deepen into a more integrated software development platform (ISDP).  Instead of a large grouping of incompatible solutions and teams using different tool stacks, ISDP’s provide a full end-to-end solution from source code to release automation.

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