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FlexDeploy For Fusion Middleware

The Opportunity

Historical approaches to the deployment of Oracle Fusion Middleware have used a combination of manual steps and home-grown scripting. This has led to slow, error-prone, and costly deployment processes which, for most customers, is simply unacceptable.

The Solution

FlexDeploy standardizes, orchestrates, and automates the lifecycle of provisioning, building, deploying, and testing middleware artifacts, configurations, and other related artifacts across test and production environments. FlexDeploy’s support for Fusion Middleware products, including WebLogic, SOA Suite, Service Bus, B2B, JMS, MFT, BPM, ODI, ADF, WebCenter, and OBIEE, is more extensive and complete than any other tool on the market. In addition to full automation, FlexDeploy provides the controls and visibility needed to effectively manage and maintain your middleware implementations on premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment architectures.

Plugin Features

Without FlexDeploy, Fusion Middleware customers take a variety of approaches to implement the deployment process, including fully manual, a combination of manual and scripted, or fully scripted via custom developed tools. Oracle customers who have created custom deployment tooling can attest to the time investment required to create and maintain such tools. For those who have manual procedures, or have partially automated the process, the pain points are also well known. For example, the speed (or lack thereof) of deployments and the potential for injecting errors because of human mistakes. In addition, most deployment processes lack the role-based security, scheduling, notifications, reporting, and other lifecycle management features provided out of the box by FlexDeploy. FlexDeploy’s Fusion Middleware plugins hide the complexity of administration steps and deployment operations.

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Try FlexDeploy in a JumpStart Demo Lab

Demo Labs provide a preconfigured, friction-free environment in the cloud for you to try FlexDeploy with no set up, installation, or configuration. Follow along a step-by-step guide to get a feel for how FlexDeploy brings automation, visibility, and control.

  • Pre-configured environment running within 7 minutes
  • Step-by-step guide walks you through the FlexDeploy basics
  • Explore the features and functions of FlexDeploy that are interesting to you, with no pre-work needed

FlexDeploy & Oracle SOA Suite Demo Lab

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FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Fusion Middleware: Blog Series

FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Fusion Middleware blog series

Over the course of this blog series we discuss how DevOps concepts such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Test Automation, and Release Automation are implemented within FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion Middleware.

  • WebLogic Configuration, MDS, Service Bus, and SOA Setup
  • Continuous Integration and Issue Tracking
  • Test Automation and Release Pipelines
  • Integration with ServiceNow

Read the FlexDeploy loves Fusion Middleware blog series

Hear from our Customers

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Pella windows and doors is a FlexDeploy Customer.

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Pella corporation relied on FlexDeploy to standardize repeatable processes across their software delivery.

Shire is a FlexDeploy customer.

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Shire was spending too much time brute forcing their deployments, and with the business growing, they needed another solution.

How one high-tech company was able to automate their delivery processes, enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and drive efficiencies to their Oracle stack using FlexDeploy

Hi-Tech Case Study

How one high-tech company was able to automate their delivery processes, enable CI/CD, and drive efficiencies using FlexDeploy.

Learn how FlexDeploy can help you move away from your painful delivery processes.

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