FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Series Overview

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is an excellent platform for performing integrations for on-premise and cloud applications. FlexDeploy is a DevOps platform for CI/CD and Release Automation which supports OIC out of box. FlexDeploy provides unmatched support for many commercial tools across a wide variety of technologies, such as: database, middleware, OIC, E-Business Suite, and other applications running in the cloud and/or on-premise.

In this FlexDeploy Loves OIC blog series, we will show how FlexDeploy is used to configure, manage, deploy and test OIC artifacts as they are promoted through the different environments. Here is a summary of the FlexDeploy Loves OIC blog series.

At the conclusion of the series, you will see the ease and benefits of managing OIC integrations through FlexDeploy.

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FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration Cloud

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