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Topic: Cloud Computing and Services

Flexagon Shines in Top Technology Publications

Flexagon Shines in Top Technology Publications

As we open the July edition of the acclaimed Technology, FinTech, InsurTech, Datacenter, and AI Magazines, we find a full-page…

DevOps for Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud

DevOps for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud

Learn how Cloud and Oracle EBS can not only “play nicely,” but how Oracle Cloud can complement and advance your…

Deploy a Node.js Application to Azure Web App using FlexDeploy

Azure App Service is an HTTP-based service for hosting web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends. This is a…

DevOps for Oracle EBS Tips: Discover and Package

The complexity of Oracle EBS makes it hard to automate. However, having to transfer and update data and customizations by…

Deploy a Python Docker Image to Azure Web App Using FlexDeploy

Our industry is going through a transition where on-premises applications are gradually being replaced by cloud applications and containers. Containers…

Deploy a .NET Application to Azure Function App using FlexDeploy

Azure Function App is a serverless solution that allows you to execute small, event-driven, pieces of code without worrying about…

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