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DevOps for PeopleSoft

FlexDeploy is an Enterprise DevOps platform for CI/CD with out-of-the-box support for Oracle PeopleSoft. Using PeopleSoft Application Designer, users develop definitions, establish relationships, implement security, run PeopleSoft application in-browser, and can test every aspect. This includes developing and customizing PeopleSoft Applications with fields, records, pages, style sheets, menus, tables, and views etc. FlexDeploy makes it easy to fully automate deploying customizations across environments while applying governance and controls, and gaining visibility to everything.

This FlexDeploy Loves PeopleSoft Blog Series will help you understand what makes FlexDeploy a perfect choice to implement DevOps and Continuous Delivery with Oracle PeopleSoft.

In this series we’ll cover:

With the PeopleSoft plugin and FlexDeploy’s rich DevOps platform features, enterprises with PeopleSoft can easily embrace DevOps. FlexDeploy has myriad features and capabilities to automate high-quality releases for PeopleSoft that fall into a number of categories. Let’s explore.

Migrate PeopleSoft Customizations

  • Integrate with your People tool’s Application Designer for export and import projects.
  • Easy setup to compare, migrate, and apply changes.
  • Quickly rollback to a prior working version, mitigating the impact of a failed deployment, and minimizing the duration and impact of system interruptions.
  • Copy Definitions to a File from a Database and from File to a Database.
  • Migrate Definitions from one PeopleSoft instance to another.
  • Optionally copy definitions only for Application Designer projects.
  • Build SQL files for Projects.
  • Generate SQL files and executing SQL scripts with a simple configuration.
  • Compare definitions during pre and post migration.
  • Execute SQLs, DMS as per the release requirement.
  • Migrate SQR and other files.
  • Capture the detailed logs from compare and migration.

Continuous Build, Integration, Test and Delivery

  • Continuous Build and Deploy of PeopleSoft projects with quality checks.
  • Leverage the source control management tool your team already knows. FlexDeploy integrates with all popular Source Control systems.
  • Automatically handle Dependency Management between PeopleSoft projects.
  • Use FlexDeploy Workflows to create fast, repeatable, and automated processes that streamline deployments across environments.
  • Easy integration with test tools like JMeter, Oracle Application Testing Suite, etc.

Release Management & Pipelines

  • Manage your entire software delivery and release pipeline from one platform. Orchestrate smart deployments by leveraging parallel or serialized releases.
  • Automate repeatable manual tasks to reduce workload and ensure consistent release execution. Inject manual activities where needed.
  • Create reusable pipelines with security and segregation of roles.
  • Set up quality gates to ensure every release includes the proper approvals, schedules, and other governance and control activities.

Easy Integration with Other Tools and Systems

Integrate with any of the tools you use today or maybe tomorrow.

By using FlexDeploy, organizations establish an automated and repeatable process for building, packaging, and safely deploying code, APIs, meta-data changes, and data migrations from development through test to production environments.

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Approvals, Reports, Dashboards and Visibility

  • Role-based access enables segregation of duties and ensures users have appropriate access through the build through release lifecycle.
  • Visibility throughout the planning, release, and monitoring process.
  • History and State reports to meet compliance & audit requirements for code migrations.
  • View pre-migration and post-migration reports.
  • Delegate approvals to external systems like ServiceNow and Jira.
  • Dashboards and reports provide insight to real-time and historical information, and improve decision making, troubleshooting, audit compliance, and continuous learning and improvements.
  • Notifications can be sent via simple emails or MS Teams or Slack.

With FlexDeploy’s open and extensible platform features, plugins, and integrations you can automate the entire software delivery and deployment process for all software products you use, not just PeopleSoft. In the next blog, we will look at how easy it is to migrate the PeopleSoft projects across the environments, and improve the quality and visibility of changes.

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A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach to DevOps

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