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Webinar Recap: Maximizing the Potential of Oracle Integration Cloud with FlexDeploy

The following is an introduction to the information covered in the webinar: Maximize the Potential of Oracle Integration Cloud with FlexDeploy. Watch the on-demand recording here.

The Challenges of Software Delivery Today

No matter your position in your organization, there are challenges as you strive to move faster and more effectively to deliver software. Your landscape probably includes both traditional and new technologies as you continue to upgrade and evolve your processes and technology landscape.

This transformation to be faster, repeatable, and more secure is anchored in automation. Additionally, it calls for the adoption of enabling technology and processes like continuous integration, continuous delivery, and release automation.

The Shifting IT Landscape
The Shifting IT Landscape

So how can you continue to shift to a more agile, automated, and continuous SDLC in a cloud PaaS environment like Oracle Integration Cloud?

The FlexDeploy DevOps Platform

FlexDeploy is a DevOps platform supporting full Build Automation, Deployment Automation, and Release Orchestration. This means FlexDeploy handles the software delivery life cycle (SDLC) from planning to the final production deployment and monitoring. It has over 100 plugins and features to simplify and optimize DevOps and CI/CD.

FlexDeploy integrates the toolchain from end-to-end; beginning at planning, through core development and configuration processes, to automating the deployment and release processes, and finally operating and monitoring. FlexDeploy supports full life cycle  feedback, with the level of governance that makes sense for you, and visibility via dashboards, reports, and more.

Flexagon DevOps platform FlexDeploy

With FlexDeploy, you can integrate with tools across the life cycle and deploy changes wherever your tools and technologies may reside, whether that is on-prem or on cloud environments. Let’s look at how this heavy automation, governance, and visibility is accomplished with FlexDeploy and the Oracle Integration Cloud.

Where Oracle Integration Cloud Falls Short

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a powerful, high-quality product that integrates SaaS applications, other cloud-based applications, and those on-prem. Partially due to its out-of-the-box capability and integration prowess, OIC is being adopted extensively in the market.

One area where OIC falls short is the ability to automate the process of driving builds and deploys and effectively manage those changes across environments.

Picking Up Where OIC Falls Short

With FlexDeploy’s OIC plugin and its base capability as a platform, you can automate build and deploy processes. Additionally, you have end-to-end security in the development and deployment life cycle, traceability of all changes across all environments, and governance and controls.

See OIC and FlexDeploy Together

In this webinar, Dan Goerdt, the President of Flexagon, shows how you can maximize the potential of Oracle Integration Cloud.

Access the full webinar today to see how you can use FlexDeploy to achieve more agile, high quality, and cost-effective software delivery!

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