Modernizing Software Delivery

A Customer Success Story

Pella Corporation designs and manufactures made-to-order and custom windows and doors, plus services for almost every type of home or building being constructed today. That’s skyscrapers, brand new homes, apartment complexes and everything in-between. They are recognized as window and door experts and are industry leaders in green and energy-efficient technologies. In 2016, Pella Corporation was awarded the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for the ninth year.

Pella’s culture of innovation and service expertise, plus their commitment to continuous improvement is mirrored at Flexagon.

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Technology Landscape

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • WebLogic and ADF
  • SOA Suite
  • WebCenter Sites
  • Oracle Database
  • APEX
  • ORDS


Pella had been using another commercial product to manage extensions to their E-Business Suite implementations, and mostly manual deployment processes for other technologies.  They struggled with the lack of visibility to changes being made; when you cannot tell what is running where, when something was changed, who changed it, auditability goes out the window.

Pella found that as they added additional technologies to their landscape, they were unable to support the growth with their existing processes and tools.  Additionally, manual deployment processes were slow and error-prone, resulting in far too much time spent fixing issues rather than innovating and delivering business value.

Ultimately, Pella needed to make the decision to update their current tooling (an expensive proposition) or find a platform that could transform the automation of their Fusion Middleware footprint, support a highly extended E-Business Suite implementation, and provide a platform for an end-to-end DevOps and Automation strategy.  Pella needed more comprehensive coverage of their existing technology, and a tool that was designed for extensibility.

Before FlexDeploy

  • Manual and Error-Prone Fusion Middleware changes
  • Lack of Visibility
  • Technology specific processes and tools
  • Costly Solution

“The breadth and depth of plugins… is second to none.”

The Solution: FlexDeploy

FlexDeploy modernizes how companies manage the software delivery lifecycle, from provisioning through release.  It is the only integrated solution on the market, eliminating the tool sprawl many companies see with other Release Automation solutions. This platform has all of the features of other large-scale enterprise solutions, without the hefty price tag. “Aside from pricing aggressively,” said Flexagon President, Dan Goerdt “companies need only one tool to anchor their automation platform, significantly cutting initial implementation time and cost, and providing an easier-to-manage and more cost-effective solution over time.”


  • Significant acceleration of application deployments
  • Comprehensive and flexible DevOps platform
  • Pre-built plugins for Oracle Fusion Middleware and E-Business Suite
  • Significant improvement in quality and reporting capabilities
  • Reduction in environment outages
  • Easily extendible to other platforms and instances across environments

Life with FlexDeploy

After evaluating open source options and the third-party tool upgrade, Pella selected FlexDeploy as the solution best suited to its needs.

The proof of concept with FlexDeploy was fast, taking only 2 weeks. Pella found the platform’s performance met their high standards and was leaps and bounds ahead of other products they had seen on the market.

For Pella, there were really two key benefits. First, the ability to have one tool which supported code and configuration changes across technologies and platforms.  Second, a repeatable process which increased the speed and quality of changes, with visibility to real-time and historic changes across environments.

E-Business Suite support within FlexDeploy was extensive and provided flexibility to use several models of build/deployment, while supporting the operational aspects of managing the E-Business Suite implementation.

The FlexDeploy plugins for technologies such as WebLogic, SOA, ADF, APEX and ORDS resulted in fully automated delivery of changes. No more manual work, and no scripting; all out of the box operations.

“We are seeing the benefit that a common platform provides in multiple ways” said Brad Postma, Pella IT manager. “Our teams are able to use one tool for our broad technology landscape, and multiple roles (developers, operations, testers, management) are all seeing the same information.”

“FlexDeploy is helping us achieve common processes and tooling for all technologies and platforms, establishing a repeatable and cost-efficient solution for automating change across all environments” said Postma. “The breadth and depth of plugins for Oracle, open source, and other commercial tools and technologies is second to none.”

He continued, saying “Not only do we value FlexDeploy, but we enjoy our partnership with Flexagon. I truly feel like they hear us, are willing to work with us to make the product better and are incredibly responsive to issues and requests. The support and partnership have been wonderful; a first-class example of what customer/vendor relationships should be about.”

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