FlexDeploy for Oracle E-Business Suite

Evolve your E-Business Suite implementation with FlexDeploy

The Opportunity

Many organizations with Oracle E-Business Suite need to make customizations to meet their business requirements. Deploying these changes in test and production environments can be tedious, error prone, and time consuming due to the nature and complexity of the change process. Additionally, many are using manual approaches to tracking, managing, and documenting these customizations, which is resource-intensive and ineffective.

The Solution

FlexDeploy streamlines the deployment process of E-Business Suite changes by applying automation, best practices, and DevOps techniques. It allows users more visibility into and control over the change process through controls, automation, and reporting capabilities.

Traditional EBS Deployment Challenges

Manual and scripted process are time-consuming and the “human factor” leads to potential errors
Ad-hoc deployment paradigm with poor visibility 
Lack of consistent version control
Testing environments do not match production
Multiple object types, each with their own deployment approach
Concurrent project development in shared environments
Complexity to automate leads to slower software delivery 

Software Delivery with FlexDeploy

Focus on delivering business value
Promotes agility to support faster delivery
Significant focus on automation and streamlined delivery processes
Targets people, process, and technology
Enables developer self-service
Visibility to what changed, when, and by who
Consistent tooling for Dev, Ops, and QA teams

Plugin Features

  • Rich set of options for deploying EBS objects
  • Supports ADOP patching phases for R12.2 and above
  • Operations to manage EBS application tier servers
  • Structured deployment model
  • Only deploys objects which have changed
  • Supports SQL files execution order
  • Supports upgrades to EBS 12.2.x

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